Before and after stairs carpet cleaning in RamsgateThe last job of the week here was a flight of communal stairs that needed cleaning in Ramsgate. These stairs had definitely seen better days, and the landlord lived away so had not known how heavily soiled they were. The before and after image shows just how bad they were initially, and what fantastic results were achieved. On the left of the stairs as you look down, you can see that there is a dark line between the carpet edge and the wall. This is caused by pollution that gets into the brickwork of the house and tries to escape anywhere there is a gap. You often see these in older houses, and certainly carpets that are near a main road. These particular stairs were┬ánear B & Q so were the victim of a large number of vehicles’ pollution. We have a treatment to pollution marks, but always advise that sometimes they have caused permanent damage to carpets and that complete removal may not be achieved. In fairness to the landlord, once he had found out that the carpets were in this state, he gave the go ahead for the cleaners to have them and the hallway professionally cleaned.


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