Inspection Chamber after a rug clean in Margate

Brown floral rug during the cleaning process in Margate

This rug had been vacuumed only

Today was a relaxed day of carpet cleaning here in Margate. After a morning of delivering leaflets through Margate, and taking our daughter to an indoor play area, i collected a number of rugs to be cleaned in our rug spa. In total we had 8 rugs to clean in the spa but today i collected three. Some rugs were spot cleaning only, some deep clean, some with protection and some with disinfectant so a nice mix. The reason for this post is to show the amount of dry soil that can be extracted from just the initial part of the clean. You can see that the inspection chamber is filled to the brim. After emptying, i half filled this up again from the same rug. Quite astonishing what lies beneath the surface. Even i was surprised and i do this day in day out!


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