New Baby Carpet Cleaning Package

A lot of our customers have told us that they have their carpets cleaned as they have a new baby being introduced into the home so we wanted to put together a package that gave you not only a deep clean carpet, but one that was also safe and hygienic for babies to crawl on 🙂

This is the package that we use in our own home regularly 🙂

Baby crawling on pink carpet

As part of the Welcome New Baby Home Package we will:

Apply a sanitiser to Baby’s room carpet and your Living Room carpet, as that’s where you’ll be spending a lot of time together.  We use one of the products approved by the NHS to kill MRSA and other nasty bugs. This makes sure that the carpets are not only clean, but hygienically clean and ready for the little ones to crawl on

Thoroughly deep clean both carpets, removing as much grit, soil and stains as possible, including those nasty allergens and bugs.

Identify key areas, With our flexible cleaning techniques, we are able to identify key areas that require a little extra attention and make sure they are baby safe

Apply a Stain and Soil protection treatment to both carpets.  This will allow you to remove those inevitable minor accidents immediately yourself.

After Care Advice. Advise you on how best to help the items finish drying as quickly as possible to ensure the carpets remain in a safe state.