For the 2nd year running, we were tasked by this cinema in Canterbury to clean all their upholstery & carpets in three screens over the period of 2 evenings after the last showing.

cinema upholstery cleaning

The main priority (as well as making it sparkly clean again) was to ensure the cinemas were able to useĀ  immediately after our visit. We were faced with a number of different tasks on thisĀ  job including removing pop corn from every nook and cranny, various unknown stains, and lots and lots of chewing gum!!We used specialist treatment to the stains and for breaking down the chewing gum. We used a lower moisture system of cleaning on both the carpets & upholstery with an extra towel off. This meant that by the time we left the building at a very tired 5am, the cinema was fit for purpose immediately. Client was delighted as were we.