Office Carpet Cleaning in Ramsgate

Office Carpet before and after cleaning in RamsgateBetween christmas and new year we generally carry out more carpet cleaning work for commercial premises. Todays task was an office block in Ramsgate. The carpets had not been cleaned for a number of years (if atall) and were in desperate need of some TLC. The carpet in the pictures shown is just one of a number that we cleaned for the client. Thorough vacuum was integral to this job as a low profile carpet would have been prone to wick back – where soil from the bottom of the carpet rises to the top. After the vacuum, we carried out a low moisture cleaning system on the carpets meaning that we were able to dry them as we moved on to another room. All carpets were dry by the time we had finished our lunch and packed our equipment away. Client was delighted and already booked us in for next years festive season when their offices are quiet of tenants

We also received a very kind testimonial in the post so i have included that here too 🙂screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-15-48-52

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