Conservatories can be a fantastic addition to your home and an investment to be really proud of. A light and airy extra room, where you can enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather.

However, once the algae and lichen takes its toll on the conservatory, (not to mention our wonderful coastal seagulls), it can lose its former shine – and if this is not cleaned off, it can eventually lead to permanent staining and discolouring.

Here at Spring Clean Homes, we can give the exterior of your conservatory a complete spruce up, from the tip of the roof to the base. We can easily remove moss, algae and bird droppings, to make your conservatory sparkle, almost as good as new!


We always pop round to give a free quotation, but as a guide, we charge around £25 for roof cleaning and from £30 for the UPV and windows of the conservatory itself.Conservatory Cleaning Thanet