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Doctor Surgery

This week we had the pleasure (all our jobs area a pleasure for us to carry out) of cleaning the carpets and upholstery in a doctors surgery in Thanet. This is a job that the client asks us to carry out each year for them. As well as the professional deep clean, our disinfect service is so important here due to the environment so this is applied post clean to both the carpets and upholstery that we are working on.

This particular project was carried out in 3 part as the surgery only has a small window each month for us to work in. We also had the added challenge of interior doors closing behind us. Between us and the client, we managed to overcome all challenges and have now made the surgery a clean and healthy environment to be in once more 🙂

amy vacuuming carpet around a table

sillouette of amy at the end of corridor

amy having fun at work whilst vacuuming a carpet

amy applying cleaning solution to carpet

extracting a carpet

Date Day Zorbing

Running a small business can be pretty full on and tough, not just for myself (Neil) but also for the family who have to pick up the pieces sometimes and also do the behind the scenes stuff to enable me to carry on working. Myself and Helen truly recognise this so make an effort to take date days, where we can forget about the stresses and strains of the business and have some down time (and a few hours away from the kids).

Today in the glorious sunshine, we took ourselves to Go Zorbing London (christmas present from mother) to sit in a puddle of water in a hamster ball, and get pushed down a hill. THREE HOUR ROUND TRIP for less than a minute of fun, was it worth it?? YOU BET IT WAS!!!!


What do you do to forget about work in your down time?


#HusbandandWifeTime #zorbing #adrenaline


Communal Carpet Cleaning

Earlier this week, we were asked to clean the carpets in 6 communal blocks of flats in Ramsgate. The first thing my experience taught me was that i need a t pin plug as normal plugs wont fit in the sockets!! Set up by 8am loaded with coffee, and set to work. These carpets are alway a fantastic fibre to clean, combined with the added heat from the machine, and the soil just melted away 🙂 Naturally there were patches that needed a little extra work such as the bike oil marks, but all in all a successful 2 mornings’ work. Carpets were dry enough for immediate use so very little disruption to the residents in the buildings. From quote approval on the Friday, this job was booked in and signed off & finished by the Tuesday 🙂

Julie even got to cuddle a little baby so she was in her element 🙂




Carpet Cleaning in a Canterbury Cafe

Every 6 months, we have the absolute pleasure to work or this tea room in Canterbury making their carpets on all 3 floors gorgeous again. Naturally, the main stains and spots we were dealing with here was tea/coffee and food spills, which were pre treated before we carried out the deep clean. This is a job which is always carried out outside of opening hours of course, and we are always topped up with tea from the fantastic staff here. We also had the task of clearing the gutter to the rear of the property, which was also very satisfying work.



Church Hard Floor Cleaning

This morning we were asked to help out at the local church and bring back some life back into their hard floors and give them a good deep clean to make them manageable for their cleaning lady going forward.

Absolute pleasure, thoroughly enjoyable job and a delighted client too.

If our hard floor cleaning service could help with your business, call un on 01843 260444 for a free quote 

Low Moisture Cinema Cleaning

For the 2nd year running, we were tasked by this cinema in Canterbury to clean all their upholstery & carpets in three screens over the period of 2 evenings after the last showing.

cinema upholstery cleaning

The main priority (as well as making it sparkly clean again) was to ensure the cinemas were able to use  immediately after our visit. We were faced with a number of different tasks on this  job including removing pop corn from every nook and cranny, various unknown stains, and lots and lots of chewing gum!!We used specialist treatment to the stains and for breaking down the chewing gum. We used a lower moisture system of cleaning on both the carpets & upholstery with an extra towel off. This meant that by the time we left the building at a very tired 5am, the cinema was fit for purpose immediately. Client was delighted as were we.

Rug Cleaning in Margate

Inspection Chamber after a rug clean in Margate

Brown floral rug during the cleaning process in Margate

This rug had been vacuumed only

Today was a relaxed day of carpet cleaning here in Margate. After a morning of delivering leaflets through Margate, and taking our daughter to an indoor play area, i collected a number of rugs to be cleaned in our rug spa. In total we had 8 rugs to clean in the spa but today i collected three. Some rugs were spot cleaning only, some deep clean, some with protection and some with disinfectant so a nice mix. The reason for this post is to show the amount of dry soil that can be extracted from just the initial part of the clean. You can see that the inspection chamber is filled to the brim. After emptying, i half filled this up again from the same rug. Quite astonishing what lies beneath the surface. Even i was surprised and i do this day in day out!


If you have any rugs that require some TLC, please call Neil now on 01843 260444

Carpet Cleaning Video Testimonial in Margate

We recently carried out a carpet cleaning task in Margate for Ray who’s daughter had a party in his absence! To be honest, I didn’t think that we would get fantastic results from this carpet cleaning but we really did. Ray was delighted, and his daughter was off the hook. Although soon after she moved away from Margate!

Rust Removal Whilst Carpet Cleaning in Ramsgate

Carpet Cleaners Ramsgate Rust RemovalAfter all carpets were cleaned in this Ramsgate property, a rust mark remained. This required additional specialist treatment as this would not be removed during any carpet cleaning. Rust removal involves changing the chemical build up of the carpet fibres as opposed to simply removing rust. Years of being a carpet cleaner has taught me when to stop on each individual stain too as it is so easy to cause further damage to the carpet if this is not carried out correctly. On this occasion, the client was delighted with the results, and equally important, so was the landlord, who was happy to return the outgoing tenants deposit.

If you have rust marks on your carpet, or a set of stairs that need a spruce up, call Neil now on 01843 260444

Stair Carpet Cleaners in Ramsgate

Before and after stairs carpet cleaning in RamsgateThe last job of the week here was a flight of communal stairs that needed cleaning in Ramsgate. These stairs had definitely seen better days, and the landlord lived away so had not known how heavily soiled they were. The before and after image shows just how bad they were initially, and what fantastic results were achieved. On the left of the stairs as you look down, you can see that there is a dark line between the carpet edge and the wall. This is caused by pollution that gets into the brickwork of the house and tries to escape anywhere there is a gap. You often see these in older houses, and certainly carpets that are near a main road. These particular stairs were near B & Q so were the victim of a large number of vehicles’ pollution. We have a treatment to pollution marks, but always advise that sometimes they have caused permanent damage to carpets and that complete removal may not be achieved. In fairness to the landlord, once he had found out that the carpets were in this state, he gave the go ahead for the cleaners to have them and the hallway professionally cleaned.


If you have draught marks on your carpet, or a set of stairs that need a spruce up, call Neil now on 01843 260444