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Rug Cleaning in Margate

Inspection Chamber after a rug clean in Margate

Brown floral rug during the cleaning process in Margate

This rug had been vacuumed only

Today was a relaxed day of carpet cleaning here in Margate. After a morning of delivering leaflets through Margate, and taking our daughter to an indoor play area, i collected a number of rugs to be cleaned in our rug spa. In total we had 8 rugs to clean in the spa but today i collected three. Some rugs were spot cleaning only, some deep clean, some with protection and some with disinfectant so a nice mix. The reason for this post is to show the amount of dry soil that can be extracted from just the initial part of the clean. You can see that the inspection chamber is filled to the brim. After emptying, i half filled this up again from the same rug. Quite astonishing what lies beneath the surface. Even i was surprised and i do this day in day out!


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Carpet Cleaning Video Testimonial in Margate

We recently carried out a carpet cleaning task in Margate for Ray who’s daughter had a party in his absence! To be honest, I didn’t think that we would get fantastic results from this carpet cleaning but we really did. Ray was delighted, and his daughter was off the hook. Although soon after she moved away from Margate!

Rust Removal Whilst Carpet Cleaning in Ramsgate

Carpet Cleaners Ramsgate Rust RemovalAfter all carpets were cleaned in this Ramsgate property, a rust mark remained. This required additional specialist treatment as this would not be removed during any carpet cleaning. Rust removal involves changing the chemical build up of the carpet fibres as opposed to simply removing rust. Years of being a carpet cleaner has taught me when to stop on each individual stain too as it is so easy to cause further damage to the carpet if this is not carried out correctly. On this occasion, the client was delighted with the results, and equally important, so was the landlord, who was happy to return the outgoing tenants deposit.

If you have rust marks on your carpet, or a set of stairs that need a spruce up, call Neil now on 01843 260444

Stair Carpet Cleaners in Ramsgate

Before and after stairs carpet cleaning in RamsgateThe last job of the week here was a flight of communal stairs that needed cleaning in Ramsgate. These stairs had definitely seen better days, and the landlord lived away so had not known how heavily soiled they were. The before and after image shows just how bad they were initially, and what fantastic results were achieved. On the left of the stairs as you look down, you can see that there is a dark line between the carpet edge and the wall. This is caused by pollution that gets into the brickwork of the house and tries to escape anywhere there is a gap. You often see these in older houses, and certainly carpets that are near a main road. These particular stairs were near B & Q so were the victim of a large number of vehicles’ pollution. We have a treatment to pollution marks, but always advise that sometimes they have caused permanent damage to carpets and that complete removal may not be achieved. In fairness to the landlord, once he had found out that the carpets were in this state, he gave the go ahead for the cleaners to have them and the hallway professionally cleaned.


If you have draught marks on your carpet, or a set of stairs that need a spruce up, call Neil now on 01843 260444

Office Carpet Cleaning in Ramsgate

Office Carpet before and after cleaning in RamsgateBetween christmas and new year we generally carry out more carpet cleaning work for commercial premises. Todays task was an office block in Ramsgate. The carpets had not been cleaned for a number of years (if atall) and were in desperate need of some TLC. The carpet in the pictures shown is just one of a number that we cleaned for the client. Thorough vacuum was integral to this job as a low profile carpet would have been prone to wick back – where soil from the bottom of the carpet rises to the top. After the vacuum, we carried out a low moisture cleaning system on the carpets meaning that we were able to dry them as we moved on to another room. All carpets were dry by the time we had finished our lunch and packed our equipment away. Client was delighted and already booked us in for next years festive season when their offices are quiet of tenants

We also received a very kind testimonial in the post so i have included that here too 🙂screen-shot-2016-12-29-at-15-48-52

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